A Guide on How to Choose Furniture for a More Mindful, Meditative Home Design

Marie Kondo’s undeniable popularity and status as a cultural icon should tell you everything you need to know about the importance and popularity of interior design. It’s now gone beyond aesthetics, but it always has been.

We cannot stress enough the importance of design to concoct a more attentive, harmonious and therefore nourishing home environment. From ancient feng shui concepts to Jordan Peterson yelling at young people to “clean their rooms” before they try to tackle bigger issues. The advantages of design cannot be questioned, and of course the furniture plays in this idea in an important and substantial way.

But what to do when you rent an apartment in Sydney anyway? Furniture is a big investment, and that has to cope with food, fashion, entertainment, and indeed saving money. Then you need to know where to go to find an affordable furniture line that balances cost with quality, that gives you enough options to actually play around and organize a custom home design without costing an art and a leg.

Luxo Living is one of those places. The online store is best known for its diverse selection of designs, often drawing on various cultures and influences to build a collection that you’re going to really want to explore.

$ 169 for black and gold velvet dining chairs. $ 549 for one round marble dining table. It’s the kind of award that makes me happy that I didn’t have to do IKEA’s drudgery and the inevitable choice anxiety that comes with it.

Best of all, their things couldn’t be easier to put together.

With that kind of reliability, it’s clear that the folks at Luxo Living know a thing or two about affordable furniture that doesn’t feel like a compromise.

To tap into some of that knowledge, we caught up with their sleek interior, Crystal Bailey, to better understand how we can better achieve mindfulness through the design of the house.

Apartment living often means smaller spaces to play with. How can people make sure that they choose quality furniture to maximize space but also create a sense of comfort?

Research the possibilities available for your space to define the desired aesthetic or style, and think about your essentials and how you will use each piece of furniture to determine the exact requirements of your apartment. Pinterest and Instagram are great free resources for getting inspiration and ideas. Once you have a clear idea of ​​how to fill your space, researching the best value for money is essential.

Design has always been a part of conscious living at home. Although with the recent pandemic, people seem to be paying more attention to how furniture conservation can make your life run more smoothly. What should people watch out for to help them choose furniture that really makes them want to be at home?

The style of your home should reflect your personal taste and give you a feeling of joy, think of rooms that are both functional and aesthetic. A good piece of furniture not only looks great, but is built to last and works efficiently. Some factors to consider when choosing furniture: Is your choice based on comfort or do you prefer a luxurious room? Are you budget conscious or are you going to splurge on the item? Or is the warranty included with the part?

People don’t like to compromise when it comes to furniture. How does Luxo Living balance the price with furniture that looks and works like high end pieces?

We have been selling furniture for over 20 years, and thanks to our experience, we have developed a streamlined system by working directly with factories to find high quality and affordable furniture by reducing the costs of middlemen, which is not only a great value but also stylish and in demand.

What are Luxo Living’s most unique pieces?

Our latest range includes a collection of mother-of-pearl inlaid tables, sourced from Vietnam. The pieces are handcrafted and feature a beautiful unique bead mosaic pattern, available in different shapes and colors. If you want to follow the recent trend of natural fibers, we offer a range of natural rattan, each piece of which is meticulously handcrafted. We have also recently launched a line of furniture made from 100% solid American oak at a very affordable price.

What are your top tips for making furniture fit naturally into a home?

Determine the limits or restrictions of your existing space during the research phase. Measure the size of the furniture and use duct tape as a placeholder to determine if the selected size will fit the area before making a purchase.

Avoid clutter – select multifunctional pieces with additional storage, e.g. under bed storage, coffee table storage, entertainment unit, sideboards / buffets

Determine the space needed for your driveway and how it flows throughout your home. You don’t want to overcrowd your home with furniture.

In what ways can we use furniture to bring mindfulness into our home?

Creating harmonious space is the key to bringing mindfulness into your home. Create a harmony with the colors and select a balanced palette that resonates with you, like greens and neutrals if you prefer a natural palette, or bright colors like red or orange to add warmth.

Embrace natural light in your home buy using sheer curtains or panels to let in natural light and minimize clutter by organizing your pieces, so everything has its place.

What are your top tips for transforming a guest bedroom into an office or hybrid office?

Adding a desk like the “Infinitely Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk” is a simple solution to transforming a guest room into a home office. The 120cm wide table leaves enough space for a computer or laptop, just add a desk chair, potted plant or accessories to bring it to life, without sacrificing space.

To browse Luxo Living’s dynamic furniture collection, visit their official website at luxoliver.com.au.

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