After beer incident goes viral, comedian uses Jimmy Kimmel’s performance to joke about growing up Jewish in Kentucky

Jewish comedian Ariel Elias, the star of a recent viral music video in which a beer is thrown at her on stage before she calmly drinks some of it, continued her new time in the spotlight during the episode of the October 24 from ABC“Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

After airing the clip of the beer incident, late night host Kimmel said, “I mean, you can’t handle anything better than that, can you?”

In her five-minute comedic routine that followed, Elias lamented that she couldn’t say her own name, whether it was a Jewish pronunciation, her father’s Spanish pronunciation or “Earl” as her friends growing up in Kentucky. pronounce it.

She described the implications of her progressive New Jersey parents moving to a more traditional state. When they told her about dating, they said they would do “anything you want…as long as they’re Jewish.” Elias joked, “As long as they’re Jewish? We live in Kentucky. The choices are my father and my brother, that’s all.

In middle school, she said her friend told her that “we learned in Sunday school that because you’re Jewish, that means you’re going to hell.”

“And I was like, oh wow, do you think of me on the weekends? It’s so good,” Elias said.

In a recent interview with JNS, Elias reflected on not having grown up with many Jews.

“In a lot of my friend groups, I was the only Jewess, so I became a kind of representative where people ask questions about Judaism,” she said. “Most of my friends were curious because they had never had the opportunity to meet a Jew before. Because my community was small, we were close. So going to services was a time to relax and be among people you had a lot in common with.

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