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Being Peacefully, Ethical Business Counseling and Buddhist Mindfulness and Meditation Coaching is about integrity, compassion and helping others; and it’s about offering the richness and depth of Eastern Buddhism to busy and stressed Western customers. Whether it’s taking the fundamentals of the Western approach to mindfulness and intersecting them with the foundations of its Buddhist origins to achieve results, only meditation struggles to deliver; or working with business owners and leaders to improve their businesses in an ethical, compassionate and sustainable way; the services found here are offered to help you achieve your goals.

Typical clients of Being Peacefully typically include:

– Business leaders and working professionals who seek new perspectives and solutions to old problems from an experienced Buddhist counselor, dharma practitioner, and senior business leader.

– Buddhists/Dharma practitioners, lay and non-lay, who seek challenges or questions regarding their practice or understanding and who seek to learn, adapt, improve and refocus through coaching and qualified individual Dharma counselling.

– Western practitioners of mindful meditation who have some exposure to Buddhist teachings and wish to explore how some of the practices found in Buddhism can help them more effectively and effectively realize the many benefits of meditation they struggle with to reach.

– Meditation practitioners of all kinds who are looking to overcome a current meditation rut, roadblock or impediment and want a compassionate and experienced meditation companion to help them through this difficult phase of their meditation practice. Meditation can be so nebulous and challenging that it can be very helpful to talk with someone about your practice and the many questions you have.

– People seeking to correct various parts of their understanding or practice and/or wanting guidance on how to better apply the concepts and tools of mindfulness, meditation or Buddhism in their lives and personal relationships or professional. It can be the practical application of what you already know to experience genuine relief from troubling thoughts, feelings, or emotions you experience in response to outside issues.

The Being Peacefully approach has a unique focus on developing your personal sense of happiness, security and peace of mind to generate a transformation in the way you interact with the world around you and, therefore , the way the world interacts with you.

You can actually learn to be happy all the time and make it flow into everything you do. Being happy all the time is entirely possible because happiness is simply a by-product of having a peaceful mind, and a peaceful mind is something that can be developed. And the more peaceful our mind becomes, the happier we become; it is infallible. We can do this by learning to apply meditation effectively with basic Buddhist understandings, practices and techniques that have been proven to develop insight and cultivate resilience and patience as skills that can be learned and applied. in the real world.

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