Blue East: Zen Hair and Wellness Salon in Harvey Cedars

PROGRESSIVE: Stylist Jamie Kuffermann is mentored by studio owner Will Bostock in the new Harvey Cedars salon. The local stylist joins the staff at the Huntingdon Valley, PA location. (Photo provided)

Will Bostock grew up vacationing on LBI with his family and loved going to the iconic Ship’s Wheel toy store in Harvey Cedars, which he turned into Blue Hair Studio’s new satellite salon, Blue East, at 7806 Long Beach Blvd.

The salon’s inspiration comes from seeing “a growing demand from people looking for quality, progressive hair services,” Bostock said.

When there’s a Blue East, there’s a founding Blue A Hair Studio, and this progressive salon and hangout is in a historic building in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, in Montgomery County, outside of Philadelphia. Its Harvey Cedars extension opened last summer to great acclaim. This first winter sees customers emerging from the brisk breeze ready to sport a current look to wear in the new year 2022.

“With the relaxed appreciation for the arts, wellness and authentic beauty at Harvey Cedars, we decided to make this our satellite beach location,” its website announced.

Blue East Salon offers experienced and highly trained rotating staff from the Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey areas, all trained at Wella’s New York and Los Angeles studios.

“With a strong 21-year culture built around nurturing, creativity and kindness, Blue will bring its unique brand to the beach with the added peace of a wellness retreat.”

Blue East was built with the idea of ​​creating a zen and tranquil space to provide a refreshing lounge experience.

“Our studio offers a very open concept with a maximum of three armchairs and spacious appointments in order to establish a serene atmosphere. Blue East’s location allows us to provide wholesome hair and beauty services while offering views of the bay and the sounds of the ocean. Our main goal is to ensure an experience that is never stressful but restorative.

Locals and holidaymakers are invited to relax and be pampered at the new site.

“What I find is that people are so happy that it’s there at the northern end of the island,” Bostock told The SandPaper. “They appreciate having the assurance that this is a satellite of a very large establishment. It has educational ties to New York. So many people are used to going back to New York to get their hair done, and they’re thrilled to find that level of education here and that kind of service, for a more progressive hairstyle that they don’t have to do the journey to arrive.

“They also appreciate that it matches the vibe of Harvey Cedars, super cool, laid back and calm. It’s really the experience: the well-being,” added the owner.

“Wellness fits perfectly into the hair industry; it’s another form of well-being to feel good about yourself,” he added. “So to mingle and collaborate, we put that into play here. Experience is really an important part of what we do. It’s a great service with an education backbone. The creative part is also how will you feel if you spend an hour or more in a living room at your happy place by the sea? You want it to match that vibe.

The salon owner ventures to observe that the current COVID interference in society is making many people “feel challenged and beaten”. All the more reason the respite of a living room can alleviate stress.

“During the shock of the pandemic, Will felt inspired to create an escape, a place where people could feel excited again afterward,” said salon manager Lindsay McDonald. “With the community and clients in mind, the space serves as a yoga studio in the morning and turns into a lounge on Friday evenings and on weekends. Going forward, we will be extending the hours of the lounge and will certainly be open all year round.

Bostock’s interest in hair dates back to his teenage years and is complemented by a talent for the arts. Customers feel it, and the circle is complete.

His family has a long history on LBI and owned a cafe at a marina where all six children worked during the summers. They also sold concessions on a houseboat in Barnegat Bay. At age 13, Bostock began working on a deep-sea fishing boat in Barnegat Bay with “Capt’n D”, whose day job was owning a salon in Atlantic City with his stylist wife.

“It’s ironic that my first job was with a guy who was trying to escape the hairdressing world,” he said with a smile. “My interest in hairdressing came a bit later.”

Its beach lounge commemorates some 40 years of activity of the former store at this location.

“I’m always on the hunt for the perfect antique rudder to hang in the living room. For me, it’s a dream come true every time I walk in here. I’m like, ‘Can I really get away with this? like this — being able to integrate my business into something I love so much?’ »

The good feeling refreshes its Huntington Valley lounge staff when they spend a day at the beach and spend the night there. “This space also serves as a ‘work’ for our staff, where they can explore their artistic talents.”

Local talent works alongside Blue’s original stylists. Bostock trained Jamie Kuffermann “super talented and likeable”, he said. She uses her skills both alongside Bostock and alone on certain days. “I hope that next year I will be there for four days; That’s the point.

A vintage record player spins classic jazz on vinyl. Trendy looks emerge from pure creativity. Blue East is unique in many ways. “It’s been an integral part of our brand for 22 years, may it be a fun experience too.”

Off-season hours are: Fridays, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (local stylist Jamie Kuffermann); Saturdays, from noon to 6:30 p.m. (Kuffermann and Bostock); second Saturday of each month, 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (Kuffermann, Bostock and guest colorist Gillian Greenip of Blue Hair Studio.) The phone number is 215-947-2963. More information can be found on the website.

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