Community Driven – New Food Truck in Aroostook County

The New Owners of Hometown Proud BBQ and Catering Trailer

Josh Tweedie and Shawn Gillen are the new owners of the Hometown Proud BBQ and Catering Trailer. Josh Tweedie is the owner of Mars Hill, Hillside, and Star City IGA, and Shawn Gillen is the sheriff of the Aroostook Sheriff’s Office. They host local events and plan to host at least one night a week at the Mars Hill IGA.

Tweedie said the food trailer had been in the works for a little while as they made sure to find the right one.

Get the trailer

The trailer that met all specifications was located in Macon, Georgia. Tweedie said they made the trip to get it a few weeks ago. “We did a lot of research over the winter and spring to try to find the right one. Most of the ones we found with the quality we were looking for were far from here. There was nothing close, otherwise we would have had a closer or local one.” They found the one they wanted and made some changes to it, and Tweedie and Gillen, with their boys, traveled all the way to Georgia and picked it up.

The menu

“We like to call it a garden-style barbecue,” Tweedie said. The menu is anything that can be grilled, smoked or broiled. They specialize in chicken, pork, pulled pork, wings, ribs, burgers and hot dogs. Beef brisket will also be an option. They will also have desserts.

Settling in Mars Hill

The plan is to do events and open one night a week at Mars Hill on Mondays or Tuesdays. “These are the days when most restaurants in town are closed. A lot of people in town said there was a need for it,” Tweedie said. The trailer will be installed these days at the Mars Hill IGA until early October.


Tweedie announced on Facebook that the trailer will be open on Tuesday, August 9 around 11:30 a.m. at the Mars Hill IGA. One of the most recent events they hosted was at the Nordic Heritage Center for the Nordic Trail Fest. They also recently hosted a wedding rehearsal dinner for someone who worked at Star City IGA. “We’re looking to do one or two events a month for now.” The focus is on community events, office parties, private parties and weddings for 50 or more people. They have about ten on the program by mid-October. The trailer will also be at Big Rock Mountain for the Big Rock Trail Fest as part of Mars Hill Homecoming Days. After Saturday’s event, the trailer will be parked at the Mars Hill IGA.

new business

Tweedia and Gillen have been grilling for six years in each of the stores for IGA Customer Appreciation Days. The food truck is a new adventure. “Were excited. We both have full-time jobs. We’re starting small, but already getting a lot of requests. Shawn and I really appreciate it. It’s an outlet for us. It gives us an opportunity to spend time with good friends, seeing people and giving them the opportunity to enjoy our food.” Tweedie said the trailer has its own license as Hometown Proud BBQ and Catering, and works in cohorts with the stores for all products.

For more information, visit Mars Hill, Hillside and Star City IGA Facebook page.

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