Jayanti Special: Maharishi Arvind Ghosh was the first spark of spiritual revolution

Aurobindo Gosh

great revolutionary Maharishi Arvind Ghosh

Birth : Revolutionary Maharishi Arvind was born on August 15, 1872 (Aurobindo Ghosh’s birth anniversary) in Kolkata. His father KD Ghosh was a doctor and admirer of the British. The father admired the British but his four sons became a headache for the British.

Maharishi Arvind Ghosh was one of the great revolutionaries of Bengal and the first spark of the country’s spiritual revolution. At his call, thousands of young Bengalis laughed and kissed the nooses of the gallows for the freedom of the country. He was the instigator of the armed revolution.

education- Although Arvind completed his education at Khulna, he went to England for higher education and after living there for many years he studied philosophy at Cambridge University. He wanted to become an ICS officer for which he tried his best, but he failed. Impressed by his knowledge and ideas, King Gaekwad appointed him personal secretary in Baroda.

the story- After coming to Kolkata from Baroda, Maharishi Aurobindo became involved in the freedom movement. In Kolkata, his brother Barin introduced him to revolutionaries like Bagha Jatin, Jatin Banerjee and Surendranath Tagore. He helped establish the Unsheelan Committee of Calcutta in 1902. He promoted the ideology of the extremist Congress faction along with Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

In 1906, as the partition movement continued, he left Baroda for Calcutta. Arvind delivered provocative speeches to arouse the audience. He had strongly condemned the repressive policy of the British government through his speeches and articles published in ‘Vande Mataram’.

Arvind’s name was associated with the revolutionary movement after the 1905 partition of Bengal and in 1908-09 he was tried for sedition in the Alipore bombing case, following which the British government sentenced him to prison.

Arvind said that the government should imprison, hang or torture revolutionaries, but we will endure all this and this liberation movement will never stop. A day will surely come when the British will have to leave India. It is no coincidence that India gained its independence on August 15 and its anniversary is celebrated on this day.

spirituality- When he was held in Alipore prison for punishment, Arvind’s life in prison changed. He began to spend more and more time in the prison cell in meditation and penance. He read the Gita and worshiped Lord Shri Krishna. It is said that when Arvind was in Alipore prison, he had darshan of Lord Krishna during his sadhana. Inspired by Krishna, he left the revolutionary movement and immersed himself in yoga and spirituality.

On his release from prison, he was not inclined to participate in any movement. Arvind goes secretly to Pondicherry. While living there, Arvind attained siddhi through yoga and told today’s scientists that there is another world to rule this world.

In 1914, a Frenchwoman named Meera first met Aurobindo in Pondicherry, to whom Arvind later gave full responsibility for running his ashram. Arvind and all her followers started calling her ‘Mother’ with respect.

Philosophy- Arvind was a great yogi and philosopher. He had a great influence on philosophy all over the world. While he was writing commentaries on the Vedas, Upanishads etc., he was writing fundamental texts on the practice of yoga. In particular, he wrote a history of the evolution of consciousness before the theory of biologists like Darwin and explained how life developed on Earth. His major works are Letters on Yoga, Savitri, Yoga Samanvaya, Divine Life, Future Poetry and The Mother.

death- Maharishi Arvind died on December 5, 1950. It is said that for 4 days after his death he was not cremated due to the divine aura remaining in his body and finally on December 9 he received samadhi at the ashram. Tribute to this great philosopher and revolutionary Maharishi Arvind of India.

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