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Zee TV and Rashmi Sharma Telefilms recently launched Sanjog and received positive feedback from the audience. The mature family drama showcases the intricacies of the relationship between two very different mothers – Amrita and Gauri, and their respective daughters. After keeping audiences hooked with various fresh and exciting twists, viewers are now on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

While all the cast are hard at work for the series, it looks like Kamya Panjabi aka Gauri is going the extra mile to get closer to his character. In the past 18 years of her career in the entertainment industry, she has never performed a scene where she is drunk. In the next episodes of Sanjog, we will see Kamya performing such a scene, and she is really happy about it.

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Kamya Panjabi said, “My character Gauri in the show is amazing and her personality has many layers. Being part of this show pushed me to explore my limits as an artist and I experimented a lot with my skills. In the last eighteen years of my acting career, I have never had the chance to play a drunk woman, but recently I shot for the same when Gauri is quite drunk and has a fight with Amrita for his daughter. It is indeed always a pleasure to learn something new about your profession and playing Gauri taught me a lot. Although I watched many videos to understand how to interpret the drunken scene since I have never been drunk as such. But the videos I watched felt very mechanical to me, so to go naturally I had to unlearn a lot of things and play them by ear. In order to do justice to the scene, I focused on the nuances of body language and posture etc. I gave my best and I hope the audience will like the stage too. I can’t wait to see the viewer’s reaction to this particular sequence.

While Kamya’s dedication to her craft is second to none, watch the upcoming episodes of Sanjog where Amrita realizes Chanda is her real daughter. What will happen next? Will Amrita give Tara to Gauri and accept Chanda? Only time will tell.

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