Let’s talk about patience + non-effort

In order to cultivate true understanding and get the most out of a mindful meditation practice, it is important that our mind is open and receptive. This will ensure that learning and change can happen. That being said, the attitude we bring to our practice is crucial. It is the soil in which we will effectively cultivate daily practices that will inspire confidence in pursuing our lives with a higher purpose.

There are several attitudes we should adopt in our practice of mindfulness, but today I want to talk about only two: patience and non-effort.

PATIENCE: Most people are impatient. With ourselves, with others, with life itself. We want things and we want them now! However, most of us are not even aware of it and are not always able to clearly label it as impatience.

When we begin to meditate, we recognize our impatience. We realize that it is difficult for us to sit still and pay attention to our breathing. We notice a pull inside… Move, get things done, move on to the next moment without fully appreciating this moment. We see our impatience very clearly when we meditate. Now that’s actually a good thing! The first step is recognition.

The most important thing to remember is that patience is not something we have to develop. Instead, we must learn to let go of impatience. It may sound the same, but it’s actually quite different. Patience is an important part of a clear and balanced mind. If we know this and can understand it, then we will not try to create patience. Instead, we will simply let go of the ceaseless activity of our own mind and thus experience patience. So basically we can say that the absence of impatience can lead to the experience of patience. Now, if we feel that we have to try and create patience, then most likely we will feel more stressed by the process and may even create more impatience in our minds.

According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, “Patience is a form of wisdom. It shows that we accept the fact that sometimes things have to unfold in due time. Like the butterfly, life unfolds at its own pace. You can’t rush. The goal is not to seek patience, but to allow it … and this leads us to the following attitude:

NON-EFFORT: Almost everything we do, we do for a purpose. We are driven to get something or to go somewhere. We are driven to control our lives. But in full awareness, this can be a hindrance. This is because mindfulness meditations are different from anything we do in life, because at the end of the day, meditation is a no-do. It has no other purpose than for you to be yourself.

Our body, mind and spirit are always fighting for something. We strive for work / life balance. We strive to become better parents / partners / children. We strive to create a meaningful life. We strive to have a purpose. We strive to be the best version of ourselves. We strive for excellence.

Yet it is in non-effort that we achieve balance, meaning, purpose and excellence. When we can devote time to our well-being, we can truly achieve a state of harmony, a sense of inner peace that we all yearn for. We can achieve our goals by allowing our mind to settle in stillness… and in that stillness the answers we seek appear.

This can be difficult, as effort has become a way of life for many of us. What works for me and what I like to incorporate into my meditation classes are sound baths. Sound baths help facilitate changes in our brain waves using training. Training synchronizes our brain waves by providing a stable frequency to which the brain waves can adapt. By listening to the rhythm and frequencies of the crystal bowls, we can downgrade our normal beta state (normal waking awareness) to alpha (relaxed awareness) and even reach theta (meditative state) where deep learning, healing and growth can be achieved. happen.

By allowing ourselves to tune in to these more relaxed states of consciousness, we can return to our normal state with focused awareness. We can begin to realize the importance of trying less and being more. Now the idea is not to give up on our goals. The idea is to focus our energy on the present moment, without being consumed by the result.

Here is a short meditation that you can practice right here, right now:

Take a moment now

Go outside and sit in a comfortable place

Close your eyes

Hear the wind whirl

Hear the birds sing

Hear the world move

Feel the love in you

Connect to all that is

Open your heart to who you are right now,

Not who you would like to be

Not the person you strive to become,

But the being right here in front of you, inside you, around you.

You are already more than anything you can know.

Just let yourself be

You are perfect, whole and complete

Just as you are

Breathe in this moment

This moment is perfect as it is

Hope this will be of use to you


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