Maui Police Issue Safety-Focused Visitor Education Reminders

Maui tourism is recovering from the pandemic, with many visitors exploring Ao Valley State Park in Wailuku. Photo credit: Cammy Clark

The Maui Police Department has created a new public service announcement for visitors to Maui, offering safety tips and reminders to keep the vacations “enjoyable and filled with positive memories.”

The message focused on: the proper placement of valuables; water safety; and advice and reminders on the Hāna highway.

Waioka Pond. Maui now picture.

Appropriate placement of valuables:

Do not leave any expensive and / or irreplaceable items in your vehicle while you enjoy our island. Take only what you need and keep the rest of your valuables safe in your hotel or vacation rental.

“Although this is Heaven, we are not immune to crimes of opportunity. Burglaries and vehicle thefts occur in Maui, ”police said.

The following areas are beautiful to visit and offer some great photos, but they are located in remote parts of Maui and present an opportunity for criminals. These areas are: Olivine Pools, Nākālele Vent, Waioka Pond “Venus Pools”, Twin Falls, Honolua Bay, Keoneʻōʻio Bay “La Perugia” and “Big Beach” of Oneloa from Mākena.

Oneloa or Big Beach in Mākena, file photo by Wendy Osher.

Water safety


Police remind deep-sea enthusiasts that while Maui’s beaches are beautiful with white sands and warm blue waters, they can also be quite dangerous due to the high waves and strong currents.

“It’s best to swim at beach parks that have Maui County lifeguards on duty. In an emergency, time is of the essence and minutes count. Remember, ‘when in doubt, don’t go out’, according to police.

Traffic jams with tourists along the Hāna highway June 10, 2021. PC: courtesy

Tips and reminders on the Hāna highway


The road to Hāna is a beautiful drive with many waterfalls and sites to see along the way. Motorists are advised to be extra careful when planning to travel on the Kīpahulu / Kaupō side of the island of Maui. There is an area which is only accessible by vehicles with higher ground clearance.

The State of Hawaii has also placed new “No Parking” signs along the Hāna Freeway. They also implemented another $ 200 surcharge on top of the $ 35 ticket for parking in unauthorized areas. Motorists should park and stop only in areas with designated parking spaces.

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