‘Med Gala’ spreads mindfulness message with meditation event

NEW YORK – The Med Gala brought together meditation enthusiasts Thursday night at the Knockdown Center in Flushing, Queens. The gathering of like minds aims to spread positivity.

Hundreds of people hummed in harmony, meditating together to achieve enlightenment.

“The fact that we fell in love, the fact that we felt at peace, the fact that we were comfortable, means that we have the technology, the capacity and the capacity to go back there,” said Hector Marcel, president of the non-profit association Three Jewels which organized the event.

The Three Jewels association trains guides in the practices of meditation and yoga. The Med Gala brought together mindfulness leaders for a united cause.

“I think being here for me and everyone is a reminder to come into this space and carry it with us,” said RY X, a musician who performed for the crowd.

The dress code invited guests to come in their most ethereal and enlightened form. The costumes included capes of light and sparkly jumpsuits.

“They totally understood the mission,” Marcel exclaimed, “because I checked with them. I’m like, ‘What is this and what is this?’ is? And it’s coded for them. See, that’s the magic that everyone here is trying on this character.”

Guests were introduced to Maloka’s virtual reality meditation game, as the company used the gala to announce a new goal, the 100 Million Meditators Manifesto.

Organizers hope to use the event as a catalyst to spread mindfulness across the world and in underserved communities here at home.

“Applications for scholarships have more than tripled, and even though we want to teach everyone, we can’t afford it,” Marcel said with tears in his eyes. “Whatever funds we raise here, we want to provide access to all those people who have applied in the past and have been unable to help.”

Marcel hopes that these students will be able to spread the message even further.

“The consequences of our reunion are too many to guess,” he said, “but they are tied to every spirit that is here. Everyone here will be positively affected, that’s for sure.”

Three Jewels currently operates out of a studio on East 3rd Street at The Bowery. The name of the Three Jewels refers to the Buddha, his teachings and the community that practices.

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