Meditation, a dedicated home workspace helps CASHe CEO stay focused and productive

Working from home brings a different set of challenges especially if you are the CEO of a fast paced organization like Yogi Sadana, CEO, CASHe. For him, it is of paramount importance how he plans not only the day ahead, but also the week ahead. And it all starts with defining the location. “Having a separate space for myself due to virtual video meetings during the day is crucial for my productivity. Having this dedicated space allows me to be focused and productive all day because I really love being in this space, ”he says.

Sadana says the reason he loves his space is because he’s personalized it with a few of his favorite things. “There is an idol of Ganesha, some family photos and a little plant that gives positivity during long working days,” he shares.

As a CEO, it’s important to stay focused, communicate effectively, and stay connected with the team in today’s environment. And a good night’s rest helps Sadana achieve this. “Good sleep, it’s not negotiable,” he says. Without adequate sleep, Sadana says the odds of getting it right take a hit.

Meditation is also something he swears helps him stay focused on his work. “For me, the easiest way to improve my productivity is to meditate. Meditation gives me the calm I need to function optimally every day and I find that I am much more productive than I have ever been – it really works, ”he adds. Meditation is part of her daily routine and in addition to increasing her focus, Sadana says it helps build her emotional intelligence.

But it’s not all work and no play for this busy CEO, when Sadana wants some free time her first choice is to dive into a good book. “Books have this wonderful ability to allow us to travel in time and space.” One book he recommends everyone read while on lockdown is “All The Light We Cannot See,” by acclaimed American author Anthony Doerr – which won several awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2015.

“It is definitely one of the best novels I have ever read. The plot is about a blind Frenchwoman and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France as they both try to survive the ravages of World War II. It is a beautifully written novel that questions and celebrates human will, hope and choice. It’s an imaginative and complex novel inspired by the horrors of WWII and written in short, elegant chapters. The novel is a sublime piece of English literature and the flow, language and realism linked throughout the novel really makes it a magnificent read, ”says Sadana.

Last but not least, Sadana says spending time with her family has been the biggest mood booster and blessing in this difficult situation. “I spend quality time with my family, especially playing with my toddler. This is one of the crucial things that I never fail to do every day as it not only provides the support, comfort and companionship that the child needs but also helps me let go of the anxieties and stress. behind me, ”he shares.

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