Missouri Tigers WR Mookie Cooper: Missouri Tigers focus on ‘just finishing’ after early offensive struggles

The Missouri Tigers this season have been an interesting case study in what an inconsistent offense looks like. In one game, the offense looks nearly unstoppable, but they seem unable to sustain practices a week later.

If you can’t score in soccer, you won’t win. Although it sounds simple in principle, it is a fundamental aspect of football that the best teams can execute. The Tigers, through five games this season, have yet to show that execution consistently.

Against the Georgia Bulldogs, running back Cody Schrader fumbled for a 63-yard run, carrying the ball to the Georgia yard line.

Rather than hit him a yard away, a false start penalty sent Missouri back five yards and blocked the drive, forcing a four-point field goal and swing in what would be a four-point, 26-22 loss. .

As the Tigers prepare for their matchup with the Florida Gators, finishing practices will help them take the next step on offense. Receiver Mookie Cooper detailed what needs to be done for them to do so.

“Focus and lock in the details,” Cooper said. “Finishing games, finishing training. Just finishing the period, that’s really our biggest thing right now. All the little things, the details.”

The Tigers may not be quite ready to compete for an SEC title, but there have been moments this season that showed they were closer than people think. However, if they continue to stall on the drives and do not finish with touchdowns in the crucial moments?

No matter how many times they show they’re ready to compete, they won’t win enough games to make it.

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