Personalized, On-Demand, Company-Sponsored Live Coaching Is The Latest Trend To Help Improve The Lives Of Workers

We are in an exciting new era that emphasizes workers. Companies have realized they need to roll out the red carpet for job seekers and show empathy and appreciation for their current employees. With millions of jobs opened every month and 4 million quits on a regular monthly basis, executives have nervously noticed the drastic change. In response, they offer an array of benefits for attracting, recruiting and retaining people.

It used to be that bosses would throw a little more money on a person to shut them up, put in long hours, and keep working hard. The power dynamic has now shifted radically from management to workers. It takes more than a few dollars to get job seekers to select their company and keep current employees happy and engaged.

Smart entrepreneurs create products and services for businesses to deliver unique experiences that express their appreciation and gratitude to their workforce. Ravi Swaminathan, CEO of TaskHuman, is a progressive and forward-thinking startup founder. He built a unique platform that helps companies fight the current culture of the “big resignation” and win the war for talent. Its app offers comprehensive and holistic employee wellness and coaching solutions that improve the quality of life of workers.

Swaminathan believes that employees are a company’s most valuable assets. He’s a concept champion come as you are ”, which means business leaders need to provide in-depth personalized support to each employee based on their individual needs and wants.

When employees are valued and offered meaningful ways to improve and improve their lives, they will be more likely to stay with the company. They will also be more motivated and productive. “To best ensure the sustainability of their organization and retain talent, business leaders must create an environment in which employees feel valued and are offered resources that help them adopt healthy behaviors and help employees to feel good in their personal and professional life, ”said TaskHuman. General manager. Swaminathan added, “Employees will see their workplace as an invaluable resource that supports their unique individual lifestyle. ”

With the aim of improving the lives of workers, the TaskHuman app easily connects workers to an expert in a specific field with a personalized individual experience. The company has more than 1,000 coaches for more than 1,000 topics, which can be accessed at any time. Companies use the platform as a great benefit for employees to improve and improve their lives. People can also subscribe themselves.

A person can download the app and search for what they want to do or learn. You can search for individual practitioners or the words “how can I improve my state of mind?” Or “What are the best ways to deal with anxiety and stress?” »The app will guide you to the appropriate trainers. Choices include personal training, yoga, Pilates, meditation, life transitions, financial wellness, mindfulness, leadership, coaching, diversity and inclusion, and more. and the spiritual health of workers.

Some of TaskHuman’s corporate clients include Zoom, RingCentral, and Purdue University. Businesses use the app to help support employees by improving morale, health, well-being and productivity through personal and professional support with video calls.

Swaminathan says personalized advice that meets the unique needs of each employee creates transformative experiences for employees. Plus, in remote and hybrid workplaces where people start to feel lonely and isolated, group sessions boost morale and improve employee satisfaction.

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