PJ Tucker still trying to find role on Sixers, most focused on winning

PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia 76ers took the big step to start free agency when they came out and brought in PJ Tucker early in the period. They needed toughness and a guy who will do the little things to help a team win.

Tucker provided that Friday defeat the Milwaukee Bucks when he did a terrific job creating hustle plays and he did a terrific job on Giannis Antetokounmpo late defensively.

That being said, Tucker had two combination shots in three games. It looks like the Sixers have kind of cornered him on the offensive end and they want him waiting there for an opportunity. Not a bad idea considering how elite a 3-point corner shooter Tucker is, but on the other hand, it’s almost as if he doesn’t know his role yet.

“I just figured it out,” Tucker said. “It’s just one of those things that I’m just trying to figure out. Every game is different. There are guys coming in and out of the lineup. It was different, so I just figured it out on the go and fought. Try to earn as much as possible. »

That being said, the Sixers are counting on Tucker to be that veteran player and continue to lead the way for them. Even if he doesn’t score, he has an impact. He did it on Friday and it seems his role is just to do the little things.

“That’s how it should be,” he concluded. “The games you have to win and be able at the end of the season to win when it counts and be in a good position for the playoffs. We have to keep fighting. We got the guys out. I have to step up .

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