Raleigh-focused testosterone therapy start-up raises millions ahead of possible product launch

RALEIGH – Marius Pharmaceuticals, which develops therapies to remedy testosterone deficiencies, has raised a total of more than $ 6 million in equity since the start of the global coronavirus pandemic, he revealed in a modified filing with the SEC .

The filing comes weeks before the anticipated announcement that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has completed its review of the company’s New Drug Application (NDA) for the oral testosterone softgel KYZATREX. This OK is scheduled for the end of October, the company noted in a message.

Marius announced his intention to launch the product immediately after its approval. He also announced the published results of a to study on therapy in June.

Marius was formed in 2017 and four members of its seven-member management team are former employees of GlaxoSmithKline.

Co-founder and co-CEO Himanshu H. Shah told the North Carolina Biotechnology Center in January that the company was set to grow “significantly” in 2021 in preparation for the Kyzatrex launch. Shah also said in January 2021 that the company was considering going public, including through an initial public offering, according to a report from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.

“Marius is focused on treating widespread ailments that have been caused in large part by impairments in our endocrine system,” read the company’s website. “Some of the most prevalent and fatal diseases in the United States today have links to these deficiencies and because of the structural balances that must be achieved, optimal formulations are needed to achieve efficacy and safety.”

The company also revealed that $ 2 million in funding had been raised “at a similar valuation” in 2020.

He plans to use the funding for working capital, which may include normal executive compensation.

Testosterone treatment advances at Raleigh pharmaceutical startup led by former GSK executives

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