Rift Apart is a Sunset Overdrive spiritual successor

Days before the launch of Ratchet And Clank: Rift Apart, its official Twitter account tweeted a crossover image of lower backs and Fizzie, the adorable and largely forgotten mascot of the masses of Sunset Overdrive. This led Fizzie’s official account – unverified, of course – to break its three-year radio silence to respond. Sunset Overdrive fans came into overload.

Unfortunately, I knew the truth. I was under embargo, but Fizzie was simply a reference to the RYNO 8’s interdimensional powers, and possibly the collectible Overcharge cans as well. The account would continue to feature Sly Cooper, Uncharted, and Horizon, again referencing the RYNO 8’s Dimensional Division and collectible Lorbs. Sorry for pouring a cold overload on your dreams, but I don’t think that’s a clue of a new Sunset game.

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I wish that was the case. Sunset Overdrive is a game that I love, and since no one else seems to have played it, I never mention it. If you like Pokemon or Red Dead or The Witcher or Minecraft, you will always be able to evoke them around your fellow gamers. Talk about Fizzie and everything you’ll get in a Conor McGregor “Who the fuck is that guy?” Style. ” reply. I should probably put into perspective how much I love Sunset Overdrive – I think it’s the best Xbox exclusive ever. Yes, better than Halo and Gears. Better than Fable (fair). My favorite game of the entire last generation was Marvel’s Spider-Man, a game that borrowed so much from Sunset Overdrive that it seems fate was conspiring against Xbox.

Ratchet Wall Running in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

Microsoft funded Sunset, Insomniac produced a banger, but bad publicity and startup issues with the Xbox One launch meant no one was actually playing it. Sony then bought Insomniac, and the studio made pretty much the same game but put a Spider-Man sticker on it, and it joined the ranks of Sony’s killer apps.

There were a few behind-the-scenes legal shenanigans that might have helped end a Sunset Overdrive sequel as well. It’s nothing untoward, but like any triple A contract, it can be quite complicated. Microsoft helped find the development of Sunset and, in turn, Sunset was exclusive. It wasn’t a proprietary Xbox studio, but the game was always designed to be made for Xbox. He’s still on Game Pass now. However, when Sony bought Insomniac, it bought all of Insomniac’s assets, including Sunset. The studio still owned the game after all, they just had a separate deal with Microsoft to keep it in the Xbox family.

We do not know the details of this agreement. Sunset Overdrive 2, if it had ever existed, would likely be a PS exclusive. But where does that leave the first game? The fact that it’s still on Game Pass suggests that Microsoft has some form of ownership, but Bethesda games have slowly left PS Now and Game Pass since the acquisition – Deathloop will be the last Bethesda game that’s also a PS exclusive. Is Sony just slowing the clock on Sunset Overdrive? Will we see the first game on PlayStation soon, perhaps as a PS + title, to test the waters before a sequel? Or is the RYNO all we’ll have? Unfortunately, I’m afraid this will be the last.

Insomniac apparently didn’t believe in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and it’s clearly a studio that works best when given the freedom to explore its own ideas. This is probably true for most studios, although few get the chance. A Spider-Man sequel that unites the stories of Peter and Miles is surely next, followed by a sequel to Rift Apart. Without changing what Insomniac is – a change that will surely influence its games – I don’t see how, in our finite world of resources, during a pandemic, a non-crisp studio could find the time to make a sequel to a phenomenal but heavily overlooked game that currently only exists exclusively for rivals of their current owners.

I love Sunset, but considering everything, I would rather Peter, Miles, Ratchet and Rivet be the future of Insomniac. Thankfully, Rift Apart respects Sunset Overdrive enough to make it feel like a sequel – or at least as close as it gets.

Both games have a chaotic array of weapons, silly humor, and use rail grinding to get around – these are staple pieces of every game, so it’s not like Rift Apart stole it from Sunset. , but it really feels like it’s something more than “just like the old days.” It’s the most kinetic Ratchet & Clank I’ve ever played, and while the whole series is energetic, none have embraced the movement as much as Rift Apart. This isn’t the first Post-Sunset Ratchet game (this would be the kind of reboot of 2016, Ratchet & Clank), but it looks like the first Ratchet paid attention to Sunset Overdrive There are no explosive teddy bears or bowling ball guns, but it’s as much of a spiritual successor to Sunset Overdrive as we’ll ever have, at least Insomniac.


The obvious comparison is Spider-Man, but I just don’t see it – the movement systems are completely different, the combat is armed rather than melee, and none of the individual planets look like Manhattan as a whole or Miles focused on interpreting Harlem. While a planet goes a bit like Titanfall 2, Torren IV clearly draws inspiration from Sunset Overdrive, not only using rail grinding as a means of moving around, but actively building the world around it. It’s not on the scale of Sunset Overdrive’s bases – nothing like a roller coaster – but it’s pretty darn close.

I would love a Sunset Overdrive sequel, but I just don’t think there’s one on the cards. Insomniac is too busy and I’m not sure anyone else can. But if Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the closest we get, that’s good enough for me. I just hope one day Fizzie can get up for real.

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