Save Room now available on Switch

Indie publisher Ratalaika Games is teaming up with Brazilian studio Fractal Projects to announce that Save Room is now available on Switch. You can pick up the game for $5 right now.

This Puzzle Inventory Management challenge was inspired by a giant game and has been acclaimed by many media for its simplicity, its inventiveness, its addiction and above all its fun!

When you enter a “save room”, you know you are safe, no danger can happen to you, you can relax. Take advantage of this short time to organize your inventory, heal your wounds and reload your weapons. Can you make all the items fit in your inventory?

40 levels make up the game and the objective is very simple, you just have to organize the objects presented to you and then insert them into your inventory space. You can move, rotate and combine the elements. Also, all your weapons need to be reloaded and your life may be in a dangerous state, so keep an eye on the screen!

The hard curve is gradual, so in the first ten levels the player only has to level up the items and reload their weapons. At levels 11-25, the player will need to use and combine healing items to move the health meter away from the danger state. After that, a mechanism of combining gunpowder to create ammunition is presented. In the final levels………… (surprises!)

There is no timer at all, and as many gamers have discovered through the successful PC version, Save Room has a very soothing relaxing approach, so the player can just kick back and solve the puzzle at its own pace. Each level must be completed to unlock the next one, and the game has many achievements that encourage the player to complete levels and try new things.

Save Room mixes puzzles into its puzzles, like when you start crafting: use different gunpowder flasks to craft specific ammo types, combining herbs to create healing items. The developer expanded on this, “As in Resident Evil games it’s common to combine herbs and gunpowder, I thought having mechanics like that would bring back a lot of nostalgic memories.” Thus, in Save Room, the player will have to combine herbs to create powerful healing items and mix the right gunpowders to create specific ammo. And when you combine items, you create more free space in your inventory, which is key to solving certain levels.

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