Spiritual guide Sri M launches new book

CHENNAI: Spiritual guide, author, social reformer, lecturer and Padma Bhushan award winner Sri M launched his latest book, The Friend – Mind, Body, Soul, Well-being on Wednesday. After a soft launch on e-commerce sites in June, the book is now also available in local bookstores.

The book covers various topics like friendship, death, marriage, attitude, happiness, money, divine self, liberation and much more.

Speaking to DT Next about the book, he says, “This book is actually written by Monica Kent. She belongs to the House of Lords in London. She’s a friend of mine but she wants to be called my disciple,” he laughs.

“She came up to me and said she wanted to write a book about our conversations because she felt someone would find meaning in it that suited her. She came with questions and we would sit on the balcony of her London residence with tea and continue to talk for hours together,” he says.

Speaking of the book’s title, he says: “Monica originally wanted to call it ‘The Guru’ but I asked her to change it to ‘The Friend’ because that’s how I would describe our relationship.”

Sri says that the journey the book has taken felt very personal to him and to Monica, as the tone of the dialogue was very informal; so much so that they had to edit a few parts of the book because it seemed too intimate to them.

He mentions that the book aims to help its readers find true happiness. But what is true happiness? Sri says, “Happiness differs from person to person. For someone his work can bring him happiness, for some it can be his passion. The degree of passion and what motivates a person changes. Being able to be happy on the inside, from the core, is what real happiness is.

“The takeaway from the book is to encourage young people today to have a conversation with a spirit guide about questions they might have about several things. The idea is to make them aware that knowing spirituality can be found in abundance for those who seek it,” he smiles.

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