Teachers are our spiritual fathers

The highest level of work and the most valuable work among the works is the work of the teachers of the country. Teacher’s duty is harder and more important than all homework

A teacher is a lamp that maintains the presence of light in dark paths. A teacher is a guide who guides a person from the wrong paths of life to the destination. By declaring the teacher as a spiritual father, Islam gave him the status of a person of value, a respected and exalted personality, a teacher and a mentor. A teacher has the future of the nation, he can play an important role in the moral education of children. Islam has given the status of spiritual father to the teacher because he is a teacher and a mentor. The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Inmaana Lakum bin Manzillat al-Wald, A’Ilamkum” (I am like a father to you, I teach you). Ameerul Momineen Hazrat Umar was asked that despite being the caliph of such a big Islamic state, there are still regrets in his heart. He said, “I would like to be a teacher.” Mohsin. The words of Bab Al-Ilam Caliph IV Hazrat Ali are sad about the greatness of the teacher. If he wants, he can sell me, set me free or keep me as a slave.” The poet, Eastern Islamic thinker Allama Iqbal describes the greatness of the teacher as follows. It is up to them to enable them. The highest level of work and the most valuable work among the works is the work of the teachers of the country.The duty of the teacher is more difficult and more important than all the duties.Because the key to all kinds of moral, civil and nuns is in his hands and the source of all kinds of development is his hard work.A mother takes precedence over a thousand teachers, while a teacher receives the status of a spiritual father because he has the power to make whole universe a school for the child. While teaching, the teacher urges the child to always go forward in life. A teacher holds the future of a nation. Because our bright future tomorrow is our younger generation, if they are well trained today , then the future of our nation will also be bright and radiant . Therefore, it is important for a teacher to be an expert in his subject on the one hand and on the other hand to have moral elevation and religious understanding. It is a great mission, as Iqbal said, “Sheikh-e-Maktab Hai Ek Bhandar Gar.”
“Whose industry is the human soul.”
The status of a teacher is like that of an architect. The difference is that the architect builds the building but the teacher builds the human personality or soul. Building a human soul is a much more important and difficult task than constructing a building. A teacher must have the quality of leadership to see in children from the beginning what the tendency of a child is. A good doctor, a good engineer, a good judge in a society only under the guidance of a teacher, as if all of these could be good when the teacher’s guidance was good. Here I would also like to say that a person who chooses a field like a teacher should have faith, brotherhood and morals as the greatest. Because nowadays we see such incidents that our head is covered with shame. The role of the teacher is very important if we want to change the condition of our society. A teacher can be expected to do justice to his field, not only to guide children in worldly education, but also to care about their future. Try to reconcile their differences. It is the teacher who can inculcate good habits in a child. It is the teacher who can give intellectual development to a child. It is the teacher who can lead a child on the path of moral goodness. In our society, whatever great things someone does, the teacher is a part of it. A teacher must be a model for his children, he must have such qualities that he can lead children to study.
Islam declared the teacher as a spiritual father and gave him the status of a person of value, a great respected personality, a teacher and a teacher. There are universes, so it is said in the Holy Quran, and Allah Almighty gave Adam the knowledge of the names of all things. (Al-Baqara: 31). He created man and taught him to speak.” (Al-Rahman) He created the pen through education. “Read and your Lord is the Most Merciful, Who taught with the pen and taught the man what he did not know.” (Al-Alaq 6).

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