The Bodhi X Emma Lewisham facial is finally here

If the cold weather is making you feel like you need a serious pick-me-up, we’ve got the remedy. Of course, it’s always a visit to Bodhi, hands down one of the best day spas in Perth. But this winter, they took it up a notch.

The legends here have teamed up with skincare superstar Emma Lewisham to deliver a brightening facial that only dreams are made of. At this time of year, and with all that 2022 has brought, it’s the ultimate in personal care that you need to book now.

Although you know Bodhi, as any self-respecting spa lover should, you may not have heard of Emma Lewisham. Hailing from the shores of New Zealand, this skincare brand is a science-backed luxury skincare line that’s incredibly good for the skin and just as good for the planet. There is nothing not to like.

Once you have secured your appointment, we believe the best idea is to book the whole day for yourself. Sleep in, have a good coffee or go to brunch with friends before heading to the spa for a few hours of pure pampering.

The Emma Lewisham Brightening Facial is a head-to-toe experience. So while your face is definitely getting a lot of love, you can expect to walk out feeling like you’ve had a full body experience. That’s what we really love about this treatment.

Once you’ve settled into that glorious fluffy bathrobe and slippers, you’ll be taken to one of the beautiful treatment rooms. The experience begins with a Himalayan salt foot bath and guided meditation to set the scene and help you unwind in your place of indulgence.

You’ll then hop into the world’s most comfortable heated bed, complete with all the fluffy pillows and blankets you could want. It’s literally the best thing you can do for yourself in the winter. You can’t help but relax and feel your worries slip away as you try not to fall asleep.– and please don’t, there’s not a minute you want to miss here.

Facials are all about mindfulness, and you’ll seriously feel how it’s delivered with love and you first. If that doesn’t make you forget the daily grind of life, we don’t know what will. Skincare products are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and peptides, which means they target hydration, pigmentation and radiance – just what we need when the weather turns cold. We love the Supernatural moisturizer– if there’s one thing you want to take home from Bodhi (other than the dressing gown of course), it’ll make you feel like a queen before you jump into bed each night.

You will be entitled to a massage of the feet, arms and scalp, simply dreamy. This means you get a facial and always the best bits of a massage. We couldn’t imagine anything better. Although everything is amazing, the best part of the whole experience is the face massage with rose quartz crystals. The signature lymphatic drainage massage is ridiculously good, and it also works to boost circulation, detoxify, and help absorb ultra-repairing products into the skin. If we could pay to have this done all day, you can guarantee we’d be there.

You can expect your skin to feel plumped and hydrated afterwards, which we obviously love, but you’ll also leave feeling relaxed, grounded and feeling calm. The use of crystals throughout the facial, along with soothing affirmations and the full body experience is unlike any other.

We say it every time, and we’ll say it again– the ending sucks. The only consolation you get is one more moment in that robe as you savor freshly brewed tea and a signature fruit platter while enjoying a few more moments in life.

This is where we recommend having the day to yourself– go home, get stuck in Netflix with a cup of tea or red wine and bask in the glory of what you’ve done for yourself during the day. Sounds like pure bliss.

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Image Credit: @Hellomichelle._ Via Bodhi

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