The book “The Initiate” by author Ben Neil helps spiritual seekers navigate the time portal from 2-2-22 to 2-22.22

The insider’s book

“What kind of insider archetype are you? Remember your true powers through an immersive journey of storytelling that intensifies on this landmark day of 2.2.22”

You and I, and all other initiates who have been chosen for this task, will return with all our might to help humanity navigate this change.

—Ben Neil

LOS ANGELES, California, USA, Feb. 2, 2022 / — Today begins Portal 2.2.22 in time for the next ten days until we reach 22.2.22. This is an important time for astrologers, spiritual seekers, and anyone looking for ideas to navigate uncharted times and territories. So does the current state of the world, which hopefully ushers in a new “post-pandemic” era.

The recently published first book, “The Initiate” by Ben Neil is a fictional story intended to help the reader “remember any unique powers” they may have felt lost or deeply buried, and use them to consciously evolve and help everyone. another with what he wrote to be “The great change of the ages”. Which also sounds familiar to the current state of life, art reflecting life and vice versa.

Author Ben Neil has crafted a worldly tale that takes the reader on a journey through ancient Egypt and embodies the archetype of “the initiate”, which is defined as: “THE INITIATION” – The archetype from the insider usually takes the form of an initiation to The adolescent comes of age with new insights and new problems as well as new hope for the community. This awakening is often the culmination of the story.

Author Ben Neil went through his own dark night of the soul and spent a decade reading over a thousand books on various topics related to the mind and its complexities. Ben endured the grief and guilt associated with the loss of loved ones and the mental anguish that comes from these life experiences. Ben found comfort in sharing his hard-earned emotional triumphs in writing. Focused on the old adage that “the mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master”, author Ben Neil sought to weave a story where “the student could become the master”. Ben was able to harness his angst in a creative flow, build peace within himself, and gain a sense of self-mastery. He aims to help others through the power of storytelling, since his love for reading has helped him over the years, he wanted to do the same for others seeking meaning and connection in life.

The first book in the Initiate series is released in time for the Chinese New Year on February 1, 2022, the year of the Water Tiger. The Water Tiger in Chinese astrology denotes a time to be bold, courageous and the water element represents focus on emotional health and authentic self-expression. Apart from being a new year, it is also a New Moon in the sign of Aquarius, which is touted as the “new age of Aquarius” symbolizing an era of love and unity. This also marks a time when all numbers sync between 2.2.22 and 2.22.22. This date also happens to be Ben Neil’s birthday on 2/22/22, which felt like the build-up to Destiny’s meeting.

The book “The Initiate” is in the genre of Paul Coelho’s much-loved “The Alchemist,” which incorporates shared wisdom through metaphors and what seems like the minutia of life, but that’s really where the One can discover their own magical abilities to turn metal into gold through their alchemical abilities.

As modern society searches for ways to heal from our own global “dark night of the soul” over the past two years, humans are turning to a lighter and brighter way of relating to themselves and to each other. In this, we have witnessed the creation of a boom in technological platforms with the aim of strengthening mental and emotional health. Companies like BetterHelp, Headspace, and Calm, and more, are popping up. These are all fantastic modalities, in addition to the age-old experience of reading and learning through storytelling, parables, metaphors and relatable experiences. Whether it is to help guide the reader in their search for support after the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job, home, or for anyone going through existential despair. The author, Ben Neil, artfully weaves together suggestions for instituting a daily practice of mindfulness and meditation, along with stories of heroes and hierophants from the past through ancient Egypt, through to present day life. The overall theme of the book is to discover inner peace and prioritize spiritual and emotional health above all else.

The book “The Insider” invites the reader to think in terms of taking initiative in their own life, to step into the archetype you most want to embody in 2022 and beyond. It’s a timely story because so many people are looking for a comprehensive self-care practice and incorporating it into a “community care” practice, allowing themselves to receive help and share it with those in need. need. As they say, “pour into a full cup rather than an empty one”, “put on the oxygen mask first and help others do the same once yours is securely attached”.

The author asks readers to think, “where will you take the lead in the year of the Tiger and beyond”?

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