The new book is a collection of spiritual prose inspiring readers to believe in the higher power within

Beginning author Billie Stephens-Ogden announces the release of ‘Love’s Evolution’

COEUR-D’ALENE, Idaho, November 17, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Billie Stephens-Ogden marks its publishing debut with the release of “Love’s Evolution” (published by Balboa Press), a book filled with insight, comfort and hope for those who feel inadequate, scared, depressed and alone.

“After a very unhappy marriage of 20 years, I knew I needed help and started writing to God in prose form almost every night to empty my soul and the pain and limitations in which I found myself. Many years later, in my second marriage, I found the writings, read them, and felt inspired and moved by them. I gave them to my husband to read. He felt them too. like me and suggested we post them because we both agreed others could benefit from them and be inspired to change their lives,” the author shares.

In this book, Stephens-Ogden describes how she navigated her ups and downs, her successes and failures, life’s trials and personal tribulations, turning inward to find the answers. Through her persistent belief in this higher power within, she found the love and peace she was looking for. It is the author’s hope that by sharing her story, others will be inspired to go within to find wholeness, self-esteem and answers to life’s challenges rather than looking around the world to find answers. She wants to remind them that they are beautiful, wonderful, loved beings and loving people.

“Love’s Evolution” is available for purchase at

“The Evolution of Love”
By Billie Stephens-Ogden
Soft cover | 8.25 x 11 inches | 52 pages | ISBN 9798765234440
E-book | 52 pages | ISBN 9798765234457
Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Billie Stephens-Ogden is born in Saginaw, MI, in 1943 from worker parents. Her father died when she was 3 months old. As a child, she had an “imaginary” friend who helped keep her out of trouble but was forced to deny his existence by relatives. During this time, she had an intense desire to find God. She was allowed to attend churches of all denominations, but after a few visits she always walked away saying, “God doesn’t live here. Creating and leading workshops and seminars and public speaking are some of his favorite activities, because inspiring and sharing the love of life with others enriches everyone’s life. She has lived in seven different states and Idaho is his favourite. She currently lives in Coeur-D’alene, Idaho, where she enjoys the aging process. For her, aging is like prolonging her life rather than wasting it, and now because she has more time for reflection and introspection, which allowed her to work on this book. Stephens-Ogden and her husband have six beautiful adult children between them, a host of grandchildren and two adopted adult daughters. She is a non-denominational ordained minister and metaphysical consultant to local, national and international clients. She has published a monthly newsletter “WeR1” for 18 years. “The Evolution of Love” is his first book.

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