Todd Bowles focused on an egoless presentation –

Todd Bowles focused on an egoless presentation

September 7, 2022

Todd Bowles is such an easy guy for Joe to get along with and no, it’s not about sitting down for an hour with Joe and Ira Kaufman in late spring.

Bowles is a quality guy who seems to have a fantastic grasp of how to approach his new gig as head coach.

Everything feels good. That doesn’t mean Bowles will make the right decisions and be the motivator and tactician he needs to be, but he certainly feels like he has a winning approach to a very unique situation and roster.

Is Bowles adamantly putting his foot down to change some of the Bucs? Not really. He explained to Father Dungy on that he knew he was dealing with a confident club on one hell of a run. So he’s not taking an approach my way.

“I don’t want to give the impression to my team: ‘Now I’m the head coach; we do that. We have a lot of good things in place, and I’m smart enough to be very dumb to keep the good things in place and then try to add more detail, so to speak,” Bowles said.

“We went 13-4 but we weren’t detailed at the end of the year to win this game; the Rams did a hell of a job. Hats off to them, but we need to be more detailed about some things and we need to be accountable to them and they need to be accountable to each other. And that’s the most important thing that I try to make them understand.

Wise, wise move by Bowles. The Bucs are on a historic 22-5 streak. The players know the system works and the coaching is solid. Bowles could have a lot of players staring at him if he came in with a strong message, it’s winning changes.

That doesn’t mean Bowles can’t slap his feet in Week 2 or 3, but it makes a lot of sense to have had a measured and massaged message throughout his five-plus months as Bucs leader. .

How well has Bowles been measured? A noted chatterbox, Bowles said he has yet to target Tom Brady with a verbal outburst.

And Bowles isn’t talking trash for fun, he said, it’s about motivating players and getting them used to what they’ll hear on the field.

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