TradeSquare Connect converts 100 Australian brands into wholesalers

Australian B2B marketplace TradeSquare has extended its reach by creating a spin-off solution – TradeSquare Connect – that allows businesses that do not otherwise have a wholesale offering to launch one using its platform.

TradeSquare Connect already has over 100 brands registered with the feature that integrates between their TradeSquare store and their own existing website, optimizing sales to wholesale customers, regardless of the point of interaction through which they connect with the business.

“This solution means that small brands, manufacturers and retailers traditionally selling only direct to consumers can now set up a wholesale channel with almost no set-up costs, using the robust technology platform we have developed and which supports everything a business needs to become a wholesale business. », Explains Nati Harpaz, co-founder of Tradesquare.

Early adopters include Koala, Cheap as Chips and The Paw Grocer, who now use the TradeSquare platform to manage their wholesale business and virtual showroom. Retailers can tell the difference between their pure retail offering and their wholesale business activity, as pricing and purchasing ability information on TradeSquare is strictly limited to companies registered in Australia and other business entities – and not to consumers.

“Our goal is simple: we want to give SMEs, buyers and sellers, access to a digital platform that helps them do business and improve their productivity,” says Harpaz. “We’ve seen pet grooming companies buying dog treats and accessories, news agencies buying gifts, and daycares buying educational toys. “

Since launching in Australia early last year, TradeSquare has grown to cover more than 150,000 products from 600 merchants, all local Australian businesses. The company says sales continue to grow at a double-digit rate every month.

Harpaz says the development and launch of TradeSquare was timely given the onset of the Covid crisis, which now poses serious supply chain issues around the world, especially in distant international markets like the Australia.

“The disruption of the supply chain has proven to be an important catalyst in getting more SMEs to start sourcing and sourcing locally, as Australian manufacturers and wholesalers have increased their production capacity and local sourcing agreements to maintain supply to customers in Australia. ”

There are already signs of a rush to pre-Christmas shopping, starting with consumers being warned by retail industry groups that supply chain disruption could reduce volume and choice. stocks available at Christmas. At the same time, accommodation providers and the hospitality industry expect a huge increase in domestic travel and entertainment as vaccination rates across the country rise, allowing for a gradual easing of lockdowns and social distancing requirements.

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