Trash bag safety: be careful what you throw away

Fidelity ADT urges residents to be careful about what they throw away and how they dispose of these items.

“We have received reports of break-ins that occurred within a day of placing bin bags outside for collection,” said Charnel Hattingh, marketing and communications manager at Fidelity Services Group.

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Not all trash bag pickers are as innocent as they seem. Would-be thieves can rummage through trash to get household information before planning a break-in.

“Make a conscious effort not to leave empty boxes or packaging on your sidewalk or next to garbage cans. This is a dead giveaway of newly purchased items such as home theater systems, televisions, computers, etc. Avoid tempting thieves and instead flatten those boxes and hide them or recycle them,” Hattingh added.

Additional data received indicates that the suspects are also looking for containers and boxes of drugs, in particular packaging of sleeping pills. “Residents are asked to remove labels and information displayed on medication containers before disposing of them,” Hattingh continued.

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Be aware of what you are getting rid of, as you may be providing criminals with a “shopping list”.

“Be careful with what you throw away, stay alert and leave nothing to chance,” Hattingh concluded.

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