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Did you have a bad break? Need a temporary loan?

Many people find the physical support they need at the Trenton Loan Closet, and in the end, it costs them nothing.

The lending closet is located inside the Westfield Activity Center, 2700 Westfield.

There are canes, crutches, four-pointed canes, collapsible walkers and chests of drawers available for loan.

Rather than digging into pockets to buy a pair of crutches that might only be needed temporarily, the Loan Closet lends them out for a refundable deposit. (Photo courtesy of the City of Trenton)

In addition to these items, the closet also includes shower chairs, seated walkers, wheelchairs, lap scooters and more.

For a deposit, which is refunded once the item is returned to the office, visitors can pick up a cane or crutches for as little as $5 deposit, the folding walker for $15, the shower chair for $25 and larger items, like the seated walker, for $50.

Those who have borrowed from the place sing its praises and express how grateful they are that such a place exists.

Program co-ordinator Kinsey Roberts said the closet has opened doors for those who have suffered an unfortunate accident or simply need temporary assistance with their mobility.

Roberts said the items are donated by residents who no longer need them.

“The most requested items are wheelchairs and shower chairs,” Roberts said. “The prices are astronomical to buy them in store. You can keep them for as long as needed – just return them.

She recommends that residents who have items to donate call ahead to make sure they can be used in the program.

“We still need wheelchairs with legs and seated walkers,” Roberts said.

The Loan Closet has made a difference for residents like Tina Kowalczyk, who credits how much it has saved her money.

“I used the loan closet a few times,” Kowalczyk said. “It’s nice to have quick, inexpensive and easy access to medical supplies. You don’t have to deal with insurance companies. You borrow the equipment and return it for someone else to use and you don’t have to store it in your garage.

The closet has also been helpful for Casey Harhold, who believes it’s a plus for Trenton to have this kind of service available in the community.

“The loan closet has helped us so much,” Harhold said. “There were several wheelchairs to choose from and everyone was very helpful in making sure the chair was a perfect fit. Having this support in our city is so inclusive and helpful.

Another resident found out how useful the closet can be when her mother had hip surgery and she was able to borrow several items.

A credit card is preferred for the deposit.

There will be a two week processing time for those using cash or checks.

Call the center ahead of time at 734-675-7300 to check availability.

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