Why People Think A “Sustainability Focused” Crypto Will Be…

Because it’s good for clicks, right? That aside, it’s also because the token is still very new. In fact, IMPT is at the time of writing, only in pre-sale stages. This is a term for when crypto cannot yet be purchased on public exchanges, but can be purchased directly from the company. The stocks have the same pattern and that’s where the idea of enter upstairs” comes from. In the first presale round, the tokens were below two pence, leaving them with a huge window to rise.

Think about it: if you bought for £2, you would have over 100 tokens. If the chips were worth £1 each, you would have won over £200. If you had bought for £20,000 and their value increased to £1, you would have a million pounds. The ground thing is best visualized as getting in an elevator at ground level and then stepping out and realizing you’re on top of the world or whatever.

People quickly caught on to this investment opportunity. More than five million dollars has already been purchased in the first two weeks of the presale, which is a lot purchase – especially when the token is not yet on exchanges like Binance or Coinbase.

But the newer a part, the greater the risk, as we have already mentioned. So, as with any investment, only gamble with money you can afford to lose. Because there is every chance that you will lose the prize. Still, it’s nice to see crypto and climate getting along more…in theory.

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